Business Funding

Irrespective of the type and size of business your CPA firm works with, business funding as a service can help your clients in a big way. Offering this as an additional service helps you grow as your client’s needs evolve. We have the right team and collaborations to make this as one of the highest revenue-earning area for you.

How We Do It


We continuously look out for funding and grant options available to businesses in your state


We document the criteria, evaluate which existing businesses are target and create a target list


For new funding options in the market, we run ads & for existing clients we run email campaigns


Our offshore based team has experience in research and end to end loan process execution

Debt Funding

We have strong associations with various banks, SBA-approved lenders, and financial collaborators to help you get the best loan options at the lowest rate for your clients. In addition, we recommend multiple funding options to businesses after understanding their current financial status and future requirements

Business plans & pitch decks

Our team has years of experience creating winning pitch decks and business plans. We understand that every startup is unique, so we conduct thorough research by understanding their product market fit, value proposition, vision, and growth aspirations. We then derive key metrics like TAM and SAM and create change and financial plans that are customized and achievable. Our expertise and approach have given us an effective conversion rate with VCs & investors, all at a fraction of the cost for businesses and startups. Learn more about our process through this case study

Offshore Analysis & Insights management for certified public accountant

Investor collaboration– Network of investors

We have partnerships with various investor networks and VCs, which help startups get access to a diverse set of investors. This allows them choose the best investor and investment for startups. In addition, the CPA firms that we have worked with have also gotten the opportunity to get a stake in startups because of the value we bring


For many profit/non-profit businesses, grants provide the funding they need to build and scale their business. The challenging part is identifying the appropriate grants and creating a winning application that puts your business ahead of others. Our team of experts helps in both and gives businesses a chance to grow through this funding route


Having your offshore team is one of the best investments you can make. It helps save time and money, which can be invested back into the business to ensure its growth. We have a team of industry experts who conduct thorough research, and give customized solutions based on your needs

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