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Credfino’s ethos has created teams which focus on customer success in all aspects of what we do. This customer focused culture and our ability to be on the constant lookout for opportunities for growth has created an unparalleled business value proposition for accounting firms.

About Us

An accountant, a strategist and a marketeer walk into a bar, no that is not the start of a joke but the start of our journey called “Credfino.” Being closely associated the founders of our company saw first-hand the struggles many tax and accounting firm owners faced when it came to growth and scaling their operations. They noticed that many firms were relying on freelancers, segregated support teams to handle key tasks, but the quality of service provided was often lacking. Accounting firm owners were spending more time in their business delivery than on expansion and exploring new opportunities. They realized that many of the tasks performed onsite by staff at these firms could be done just as effectively by remote staffing, freeing up their time and resources onsite and allowing the firm to invest in growth, client engagement and expansion. 

That is when we started with a mission to equip you with a team that can get you results. 

We understand the importance of providing end-to-end services including client management & upselling that go beyond just delivery of services. This means that our clients are not just getting a freelancer/staff to handle a specific task, but a dedicated team who can become an integral part of their business.

Our Objective

We refuse to accept that role of a CPA is just a “necessary evil”, “tax preparer” etc. for their clients, rather it is that of a valuable business partner and advisor. 

Motivated by a desire to change this perception and help firms break out of this mould, we began by researching the latest technologies and best practices for remote staffing, as well as identifying new business opportunities for CPA firms. 

We also built a team of experienced professionals who could provide tailored, end-to-end support for firms thinking beyond the ordinary and looking to take advantage of growth opportunities in areas like business lending, government contracting, and cyber security and expand by selling specialized advisory services like: CFO services, Tax planning etc. 

Our company quickly gained traction, as more and more CPA firms realized the benefits of this approach. Firms were able to save money on overhead and staffing costs, while also increasing efficiency and improving their ability to serve clients. They were also able to invest in growth and expansion, adding new business areas and revenue streams. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a partner in the growth of accounting and tax firms, helping them to gallop instead of crawl. We want to empower CPA firms to look beyond traditional accounting and tax services, and become true business partners, growth catalysts for their clients. We do this by providing a “plug-and-play” or a holistic solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the firm’s existing operations.  

Our Leadership Team

Anitha - Head of Tax
Anitha Head of Taxation
Namrata Jain (Tax Lead, CA, EA)
Namrata Jain Tax Lead, CA, EA

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Credfino does the heavy lifting for you to create new business vertical for your accounting and tax firm, so that your business gets the growth you always dreamed about.

What is remote staffing?

Remote staffing is a way to hire employees who work offshore with flexibility to hire partial or full staff as per business requirements. This allows accounting/tax firms to access a wider pool of talent and reduce direct and indirect overhead costs. 

Is your remote staffing solution right for my firm?

Our firm is highly focused on customer requirement analysis and building the right process for your accounting/tax firm’s delivery. A lot of roles can be done more efficiently though our remote staffing solutions since our staff specialises in accounting and tax firms. However, some roles which may involve travel to the client’s location may be challenging remotely. We recommend a right mix of remote and on-shore staff to optimise growth. We recommend speaking with one of our consultants to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals and find a solution is a good fit for your firm. 

Can all roles be handled by remote staff?

While a large pool of roles can be handled remotely, some roles which may involve travel to the client’s location may be challenging remotely. We recommend a right mix of remote and on-shore staff to optimise growth. 

What is your contract term?

Term of the contract depends on the kind of assignment we undertake for your company. For recurring services, we can offer contracts as short as 3 months (post a trial period). We can discuss a term most suited for your company over a consultation call. 

What is your pricing?

Our pricing is highly dependent on the level of engagement with your company and the skill of the employee being hired. But to give you an estimate, our services start from as low as $8 per hour. For exact pricing please book an online consultation. 

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